Feel The Original Latex from Belgium and Germany Technology
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Memory Foam

Prevention of Back Injuries

It is possible to prevent back injuries occurring or becoming worse by adopting good habits in everyday life.

  1. Posture  :  Ensure posture is correct in all activities, stable, balanced and relaxed when sitting, walking or standing.
  2. Work  :  Avoid prolonged sitting or working in the same position. Change position and stretch from time to time. Ensure chair provides postural and lumbar support.
  3. Lifting  :  Load close to the body, feet well apart, bend knees more than back, lift with leg power.
  4. Sleeping  :  Mattress needs to be firm enough to support the body. Ensure pillow keeps head in line with the spine when lying on your back or side. When on your side pillow should be thick enough to fill the gap between the point of the shoulder and the ear to keep the neck straight.
  5. Weight  :  Excess weight puts extra strain on your spine.
  6. Exercise  :  Keep your spine and trunk muscles flexible and strong with correct back and abdominal muscle exercises.
The latex pillow is a product of sequence of complicated and state-of-the-art process. Watch the presentation video..
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