Feel The Original Latex from Belgium and Germany Technology
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Willow Pillow

( PT. Java Jaya Mandiri )

Jl. Panjang, Komp. BPK VI No.21A
Jakarta Barat 11530
Telp: 021-5350061, 087876889191
Fax : 021-5350061


How to shop at Willow Pillow Online Shop?

Choose pillows that you want and ADD TO CART. Once completed, follow the steps existing bookings.

How do I pay at Willow Pillow Online Shop?

You can directly transfer to the account number which we will email to you. And if you had transferred, you can confirm the payment, so that we can directly process the shipment.

What is latex pillows?

Pillows are made from natural rubber. Willow Latex Pillow imported from Belgium

What are the advantages of willow latex pillows with another pillow?

  • More efficient, because willow latex pillows did not go down until a period of 5 years. Because the structure of the content remains, unlike the structure of its contents dacron pillow thread so as we sleep on the center can shift to the left and right and the middle so flat.
  • Willow Latex pillows anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergy, because the pores are very small so it does not keep dust and bacteria making it safe even for people who are allergic to dust though.
  • Customer can choose the shape and size.

What's the difference willow latex pillows with willow memory foam pillows?

Willow memory foam pillow don't have kick back from the user's body weight, willow latex pillows still have a kick back.