Feel The Original Latex from Belgium and Germany Technology
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Memory Foam

Frequently Asked Questions

How to shop at Willow Pillow Online Shop?

Choose pillows that you want and ADD TO CART. Once completed, follow the steps existing bookings.

How do I pay at Willow Pillow Online Shop?

You can directly transfer to the account number which we will email to you. And if you had transferred, you can confirm the payment, so that we can directly process the shipment.

What is latex pillows?

Pillows are made from natural rubber. Willow Latex Pillow imported from Belgium

What are the advantages of willow latex pillows with another pillow?

  • More efficient, because willow latex pillows did not go down until a period of 5 years. Because the structure of the content remains, unlike the structure of its contents dacron pillow thread so as we sleep on the center can shift to the left and right and the middle so flat.
  • Willow Latex pillows anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergy, because the pores are very small so it does not keep dust and bacteria making it safe even for people who are allergic to dust though.
  • Customer can choose the shape and size.

What's the difference willow latex pillows with willow memory foam pillows?

Willow memory foam pillow don't have kick back from the user's body weight, willow latex pillows still have a kick back.

Why there are holes in Willow latex pillows?

For air circulation, keep the cool air so that when worn is not hot.

Can it be washed?

Willow latex pillows can be washed, cushions do enough dipped in water, then drained, pressed with a cloth / towel, and then aerated. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Is there a waranty?

Willow Products 5 year warranty deflated

Why Willow latex pillows smell (rubber)?

The smell of rubber will disappear within 3-4 days usage

Differences with other pillows

Bantal Latex Willow Bantal Dakron Bantal Bulu Angsa

Raw natural rubber

Material from yarn Material from the fur

In a stable structure

The structure of the unstable

The structure of the unstable

Unchanged form

Forms may change

Forms may change

Willow latex pillows are used to

  1. People with asthma
  2. Allergy sufferers
  3. Spine problems
  4. Pinched nerve

Willow Latex Pillow Benefits

  1. More comfortable,becouse of stable form
  2. Cooler,because of the many holes for air circulation to circulate the heat from the wearer's body
  3. More durable or not flat, because the structures are stable pillows made ​​from natural rubber fit the mold
  4. Anti bacteria, because it is made from natural rubber which is not favored by bacteria
  5. Anti-allergy, because the pores are very small pillow

What is Willow memory foam pillows?

Pillow latest technology from Germany. Memory foam pillow Willow no kick-back from the user's body weight, because the head can weigh each user. And can adjust the shape of the head and neck of each user.

What are the advantages of Willow memory foam pillow with another pillow?

  • Willow memory foam pillow anti bacterial, anti fungal / fungal, anti-allergy, because the pores are very small so it does not keep the dust and bacteria making it safe even for people who are allergic to dust though.
  • Willow memory foam pillow is excellent for having problems with the spine / neck (and snoring (Snore Reduction Pillow)).

What is the differences Standard Memory Foam Willow with Snore Reduction Memory Foam Willow?

Both are equally good for the problems spine / neck, just to Snore Reduction Memory Foam Pillow Willow a little higher so as to make the position better sleep and snoring sound volume becomes smaller.

Can Memory Foam Willow be washed?

Its contents should not be washed, washed only velur cover. The contents are also not dried in direct sunlight and contact with water.